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Rancid - Life Won't Wait 6x7" (White w/ Red Splatter Vinyl)

Rancid - Life Won't Wait 6x7" (White w/ Red Splatter Vinyl)

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The musical diversity that RANCID illustrates in this masterpiece speaks for itself. While it might bring back nostalgic Warped Tour memories for some, for others (including a lot of musicians) Life Won’t Wait took an eager and anxious group of diehards off-guard and pleasantly surprised them by really drawing from their roots and spilling out this coup of an album in a big way. Adorned in six new sleeves, and remastered for vinyl by Pirates Press, this version - like this album - is something special.

• Re-mastered for 45rpm and all new sleeve artwork
• Bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip and placed in a releasable bag.


A  Intro + Blood Clot
B Hoover Street
C Black Lung + Life Won’t Wait
D New Dress + Warsaw
E Hooligans +Crane Fist
F Leicester Square + Backslide
G Who Would’ve Thought + Cash, Culture and Violence
H Cocktails + The Wolf
I 1998 + Lady Liberty
J Wrongful Suspicion + Turntable
K Something In The World Today + Corazon De Oro
L   Coppers
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