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Rancid - Indestructible 6x7" (White w/ Red Splatter Vinyl)

Rancid - Indestructible 6x7" (White w/ Red Splatter Vinyl)

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While the title clearly sums up both RANCID and this album, there’s always the problem of setting a bar too high. With albums like ...And Out Come The Wolves gaining such incredible praise and response across the world, and albums like Life Won’t Wait and 2000 only getting that level of praise and recognition from the (still, admittedly enormous) group of diehard fans, they were left with a big task answering questions from the mainstream press, as well as their true fans - and they delivered in a huge way. Kicking right off with a nod to the late great Joe Strummer, RANCID drew from the passion and urgency Strummer always stressed - and the result is an album full of treasures.

• Re-mastered for 45rpm and all new sleeve artwork
• Bound together with a collectible printed leather obi-strip and placed in a releasable bag.


1 Indestructible + Fall Back Down
2 Red Hot Moon
3 David Courtney + Start Now
4 Out Of Control + Django
5 Arrested in Shanghai
6 Travis Bickle + Memphis
7 Spirit of ‘87 + Ghost Band
8 Tropical London + Roadblock
9 Born Frustrated
10 Back Up Against The Wall + Ivory Coast
11 Stand Your Ground
12 Otherside
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