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Dag Nasty - Wig Out at Denko's LP Vinyl

Dag Nasty - Wig Out at Denko's LP Vinyl

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Dag Nasty's second LP. Released in 1987.

This 12" LP was recut in November 2008 at Chicago Mastering Service. It features updated graphics on the cover.

The CD contains 7 extra tracks; tracks 11-15 are part of the "Mango Session", previously released on Selfless Records with Roger Marbury on bass; tracks 16 & 17 are previously unreleased live, acoustic versions recorded in 1987 in Albany, New York.

CD Re-Mastered: May 2002
LP Re-Mastered: Nov 2008

Peter Cortner vocals
Brian Baker guitar
Doug Carrion bass
Colin Sears drums


1 The Godfather
2 Trying
3 Safe
4 Fall
5 When I Move
6 Simple Minds
7 Wig Out at Denko's
8 Exercise
9 Dag Nasty
10 Crucial Three
11 Safe (Alternative Version)
12 Trying (Alternative Version)
13 Fall (Alternative Version)
14 Roger (Alternative Version)
15 Mango (Alternative Version)
16 When I Move (Alternative Version)
17 I've Heard (Alternative Version)

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