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Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course 2xLP Vinyl

Cuphead - The Delicious Last Course 2xLP Vinyl

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  • 2xLP on Audiophile 180g Black Vinyl
  • Music from Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course
  • Yum! Includes 3 Recipe Cards Containing MDHR Family Recipes 
  • Good Golly! A Bonus 18” x 24” Foldout Poster with Art by Shawn Dickinson
  • Music by Kristofer Maddigan
  • Album Art by Studio MDHR


Side A

1 The Delicious Last Course
2 A Far Off Isle
3 Chef Saltbaker
4 Recipes For Ms. Chalice
5 Inkwell Isle Four
6 Gnome Way Out
7 Porkrind's Provisions


Side B

8 Snow Cult Scuffle
9 Prelude and Proclamation
10 King of Games' Castle
11 Bourrée on the Board
12 Bootlegger Boogie
13 King of Games' Castle (Rococo)
14 The Queen's Riguadon
15 High-Noon Hoopla


Side C

16 Doggone Dogfight
17 Inkwell Isle Four (Piano)
18 One Hell of a Dream
19 An Ominous Stroll
20 Joyous Promenade


Side D

21 The Finishing Touch
22 Baking the Wondertart
23 Triumphant Trio
24 Chef's Coda
25 The Key Ingredients
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