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Fugazi - Instrument Soundtrack LP Vinyl

Fugazi - Instrument Soundtrack LP Vinyl

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black vinyl LP

What could possibly be springtime-better than a new Fugazi album—a new Fugazi live album, you nitwit. The soundtrack to the film Instrument by JEM COHEN gets you loaded with concert recordings, studio session work and practice time fun.


1 Pink Frosty Demo
2 Lusty Scripps
3 Arpeggiator Demo
4 Afterthought
5 Trio's
6 Turkish Disco
7 Me And Thumbelina
8 Floating Boy Demo
9 Link Track
10 Little Debbie
11 H.B.
12 I'm So Tired
13 Rend It Demo
14 Closed Captioned Demo
15 Guilford Fall Demo
16 Swingset
17 Shaken All Over
18 Slo Crostic
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